Dear All,

Thank you for your recent homework.

Here is summary of what is needed as we will NOT be doing the skype / zoom face to faces due to operational issues.

  • 1st April  SAP Story using nouns / adjectives 
  • 8th April SAP presentation / oral ( google drive) /  support paper and questions

  • 1st April GU Topic choice for presentation and story using nouns/ adjectives
  • 6th April  GU  presentation / oral ( google drive) /  support paper 

If you have completed all your English work to date,  very well done . May I suggest for the class time of the 1st April if you have netflix watch the crown episode 1 / season 1 in English or with subtitles than write a small summary of the eposide in English. 

Any questions , please do let me know .

Keep well and safe,

Corinne Carroll